Decentralized P2P digital asset platform

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Decentralized P2P digital asset platform

We are preparing for mobile APP.
Please use desktop instead.

  • CROSSCHAIN is everywhere CROSSCHAIN is the foundation of everything.
    Our approach allows to grow in all directions.
    Thus, we can give our users more freedom.
    CROSSCHAIN based applications can work
    everywhere with different blockchains.

  • Our first step At this time we see the possibility of implementing
    a swap of ETH/NEM and BTC.
    Transactions between different blockchains without using other
    counterparties or intermediary tokens.

  • Distributed architecture CROSSCHAIN is a distributed network of nodes.
    A decentralized platform eliminates third-party risk by
    giving users control over their assets.

  • CROSSCHAIN as a framework CROSSCHAIN not only a decentralized platform for digital assets.
    It is a framework for creation new type of products
    based on blockchain technology.